Three-Wheeler Battery

Eko batteries are mainly designed for three-wheeler purposes, which are used on daily basis, even on rough pathways.

Durable Style – The battery is strong because it has a special polypropylene container which makes it strong enough to take heavy loads.

Double Clad Separation – this saves the battery from bumps and vibrations because it is fitted with a textured glass mat that provides support to the material inside.

Spark Arrestor
– It is a safety device that has a porous filter disc in vent openings to arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery, this helps in enhancing the battery life.

Special Hybrid Alloy System: The battery has a special alloy system that is designed for the Indian environment.

Rapid Recharge System: Special grid style and low internal resistance and special paste chemistry strengthen the recharging capabilities.

Leak-Resistant Design: Side vented lid reduces the chance of electrolyte leakage during handling application and keeps the surface of the battery clean.

2-Wheeler & 3-Wheeler Batteries available with PR Infotech


Two-Wheeler Battery

EXIDE XPLORE BATTERIES are VRLA motorcycle batteries with the X-Factor, these deliver a power-packed performance and are not only zero maintenance but also live through the tough Indian road conditions. Xplore comes with a 24 months warranty.

  • The battery is completely maintenance-free which removes water loss because it consists of a revolutionary Gas Recombination system.
  • This battery consists of an advanced Lead-Calcium technology which helps in achieving a low self–discharge.
  • Exide Xplore batteries are very reliable because the AGM construction gives superior cranking power and better vibration resistance.
  • This battery has a special feature which is that it requires no topping up.
  • There is no possibility of leakage in this battery as it has been fitted with a spill-proof guard.
  • Unique Flame Arrestor ensures greater safety.
  • The permanently sealed VRLA battery comes factory-charged.

2-Wheeler & 3-Wheeler Batteries available with PR Infotech

Exide Xplore FXL0-XLTZ4 / SKTZ4
FXL0-12XL14LA-2 FEX0-ETX14

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