In India, power distribution and availability of uninterrupted power supply is still an issue. Exide offers a range of Home UPS and inverter batteries to choose from. When most companies talk about solutions for power cuts, Exide HUPS will go a step further in bringing quality backup power supply for unhindered performance during power cuts. So, you can live your life hassle-free without any interruption.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances life of electrical gadgets with zero humming sound
  • Ensures optimum charging/protection for battery which results in long-lasting battery life
  • Quick Charging Technology enables fast recharging of battery in areas prone to frequent power cuts
  • Compact & rugged design combined with elegant looks make Exide Home UPS an ideal solution for homes
  • Constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery
  • Better protection to safeguard the UPS from external effects

Home UPS Batteries available with PR Infotech

Exide HUPS HX00-EXIDE1050/GQP1050
HX00-EXIDE1450/GQP1450 HX00-EXIDE650/GQP650
HX00-EXIDE850/GQP850 HX00-MAGIC700
HX00-MAGIC825 HX00-MAGIC1500
HX00-MAGIC1050 KX00-2000EXIDEP020

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